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Demo's and Such...

I've been fortunate enough to be able to perform and work with such talented individuals. Below are some demo's that showcase my particular brand of talent. Check out all 5. (bonus 2 below) 

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Various Films

When your'e hot, your'e hot. This clip is a compilation of many Film and TV projects that I have participated in.​.

  • FreeLancers (DeNiro, Whitaker)
  • TV (Vampire Diaries, Past Life, TeenWolf)

Army Wives

SPC. Augusto Giron

Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to recur as the character SPC Augusto Giron. Over 3 seasons of Army Wives, I've been into battle with my brothers in arms.  Putting my arms training to use, my brothers to my left and right, we held the line.


Lucy Liu's - Marry Me


Upon opening, Lucy Liu catches my eye, and in my ... shall I say...exuberance... I lend an ear, and ever so playfully, and selflessly offer myself to aid in her personal crisis. Whether she likes it or not... hee hee hee

Don't forget the two down below.

V​arious Independent Projects

Of course there are independent projects that showcase my range of character types and personalities. 

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